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Services - Jewellery Alterations


Altering & Re-sizing

Have you got a ring that no longer fits? Maybe a chain or bracelet that's too long? or even a watch strap that is too large. Bring them to one of our stores and we can re-size them to fit perfectly. Removing links from chains or enlarging /reducing rings.

We are happy to offer you a free quotation


These services can also be extended to our own stock you are looking to purchase, ensuring you can find the perfect piece without having to compromise.

Our Policy

All of our quotes provided to you for repairs and alterations are free and we will explain the charges and process to you to the best of our ability.

We are transparent with the process and will keep you up to date with progress of your items that are being restored, altered or repaired.

Please note that our quotes are a rough estimate and prices can vary between the condition of the item and the amount of works needed.

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