Cash Inn Update: Covid-19

In Line with Government Regulations, a face mask MUST now be worn when in one of our three stores.


Our regular Pawnbroking and Retail services have resumed.


Opening Times have reverted to originals below:


Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm.



Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm.

Great Yarmouth:

Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm


We have reverted to our usual practice of only accepting cash upon payment for agreements outstanding. Please be prepared and follow the agreement terms outlined in in your contracts to avoid delays.


We are still temporarily accepting:

Over the phone payments (Debit cards ONLY). 

Payments Via Post Office (Please Contact Beforehand)

Bank Transfer (Please Contact Beforehand)

This is only applicable to those who are categorised as high risk

If you must renew or redeem your contract remotely, we will post the new contract to you and your items will be stored safely until you are able to collect them.

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Payment Deferrals:


What are they?:

Adhering with guidelines set by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) 27/4/20, Cash Inn Ltd is offering a payment deferral period to any customer who has had their income negatively affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lock down.

A payment deferral will allow a customer to defer payment(s) for 3 months after expiry of their pledge contract.  (BUYBACKS ARE UNAFFECTED).

Who do they apply to?:

Currently any PLEDGE customer who's agreement expires between the 27/4 and 27/7 (This may change)


How to Apply:

To apply for a payment deferral you must contact the store from which the pledge agreement was issued. You may come in store if applicable, telephone, e-mail or use the form on our contact page with the subject line "Payment Deferral" and we can begin to process your request.


Although Payment Deferral may be the best course of action it is important that this information is understood before completing the process.

  • This payment deferral period IS NOT INTEREST FREE! anyone who decides to complete the payment deferral process is acknowledging that THEY WILL BE CHARGED their standard monthly interest rate, which will be added to the total for either renewal or redemption.

  • It is important to discuss the option with your respective stores staff so they might advise the best course of action.

  • It is not mandatory for a customer to leave their contract for the full 3 months, as such a customer will only be charged for the time that is used.

  • Note that the 3 month deferral is not automatic, in line with what has been stated by the FCA, it must be sought by the customer and granted by the pawnbroker.

  • Please acknowledge that since the deferral period is for those who have had their income negatively affected by the Coronavirus, we may require evidence to show this. This could include items such as a letter of Furlough or redundancy otice from an Employer, or an application for self-employment income relief.

Please call the relevant number below at this time we may be unable to make outgoing calls.


Thank you and stay safe,

Cash Inn Ltd

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