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Bring your jewellery to one of our stores.

We will check your items and give you a quote within minutes.

You walk away with cash in hand, and we see you in 28 days or less to redeem your items.



A Buyback, or otherwise known as a "Sale and Repurchase" is a 28 day agreement, where the customer sells an item to the branch for 28 days and then has the option to buy it back with a fee on top. 

 A buyback is an ideal solution to free up cash quickly to help with any impending bills, and not sell your items.

This service is only offered in store and is subject to usual due diligence checks, if you have any further questions regarding our pawnbroking service then head into one of our stores for further guidance or information.

What is a Buyback?

What Does a Buyback Cost?

The fee added on to your back buyback is a flat rate of 25% of the total purchase amount. Contact us for more information or visit your local branch.

Representative example:

Total Purchase amount: £100.00 for 28 days

Total Buyback Price: £125.00

Rate: 25%

Fee: £25.00

If you are late buying back your item(s), a late fee is added for every day that it runs over the agreed 28 days. This late fee is added for 14 days, after which the item will be unredeemed and listed for sale.

Representative late fee example:

Total fee: £25.00

Days late: 14

daily late fee: (£25/14) £1.78

What happens if the item(s) is not repurchased?

In the event of you being unable to repurchase your item(s) after an additional 14 day late fee period, your item(s) will be sold.

In the event where a customer is struggling to repurchase their item(s), we ask that they contact us directly so that we may work together to try come up with a solution or provide additional help.

What does Cash Inn Ltd Buy?

At Cash Inn Ltd you put a variety of items on a Buyback, this includes Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Diamond Jewellery and Quality Watches.


Struggling to repurchase your items?

We understand that things happen in life that has an impact on your finances. That is why Buybacks exist, to assist you with a short term cash solutions in times of need. 

We also appreciate though that this may have an impact on your ability to repurchase your items, and we appreciate that your jewellery which has been used, may be sentimental to you, if so please contact us so that we may do what we can to help.


The simplicity of a Buyback means you can walk away and there are no debt consequences. No-one will chase you for the debt, we will simply sell your jewellery.

We also understand that pawnbroking maybe just one of your debts and you must manage your financial situation in its entirety. It is best to prepare a budget of what you can afford taking into account your priority debts such as mortgage or rent, gas or electricity. If you need help with budgeting or prioritising your debts the following organisations can give you free, confidential and impartial money guidance and debt advice.

Citizens Advice: Free Debt advice via phone 0345 404 05 06 or visit 


Money Advice Service: Free, easy-to-use money tools, information and advice. You can phone 0800 138 7777 to speak to a money expert, or visit


StepChange Debt Charity: Free debt advice throughout the UK phone 0800 138 1111 or visit the website

We adhere to strict AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Rules and Regulations, and comply fully with the SMCR (Senior Management Certification Regime)

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