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Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

With one of the largest collections and varieties in East Anglia, at Cash Inn Ltd you never know what you will discover in one of our stores. Due to such a wide range of styles and designs, we cover just about every size and even when we don't, our additional re-sizing service offers the opportunity for you to find your perfect ring (terms and conditions apply).

All rings bought and sold are of solid metal, we do not offer plated jewellery, this ensures that everything is either solid gold (nine through to twenty two carat), silver, platinum or palladium. Our styles range from plain bands through to just about any stone/gems you can think of.


Other precious stones

As well as diamonds stones, we will also buy and sell rings for that bit extra if they have rare stone in such as sapphire, emerald, ruby and many more. However, likewise with diamonds this does vary on the size and quality of the stone. We can assure you that all of our precious stones are tested with a high quality, professional gem tester before we buy and sell them.

Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or a gift for a loved one, or simply for yourself, we have a wide range of rings to suit any occasion and budget.

Chains & Bracelets



At Cash Inn Ltd, much like our chains, we have an extensive collection of bracelets for sale. The style of our bracelets vary from curb to rope, and charm to jewel and diamond encrusted bracelets. Our vast array of designs means that there is something for everyone's style and budget.



Cash Inn Ltd's vast selection of gold chains offers something for everyone and makes for a great gift for someone special. With a range of styles on offer, we have Curb Chains, Cable link chains, Singapore Twist Chains & necklaces and much more.

​All our chains are closely checked to ensure that they have recognised hallmarks, this means you can trust the items are real and legit. Before selling, our chains are sterilised, cleaned and polished to make sure that they shine in any light and look as best as possible.

We also have a selection of silver items, these will only have the UK registered hallmark (925 or Lion stamped), if not we do not buy or sell these items.



Our unique and ever-changing stock of pre-owned watches allows us to offer a wide range of designs and styles that date from from the 1950's through to the latest designs and fashions for ladies and gentleman. Every watch we buy or sell has been inspected, cleaned and authenticated, we will only buy and sell watches that are in working condition and we try to maintain original box and papers with the watches too.



At Cash Inn Ltd we provide a wide range of different watch models and brands based on price, movement and style so that we can find a watch that suits not only your budget, but also your preferred style. Our ever-changing stock of pre-owned luxury watches represent fantastic value, with significant savings to be made when compared with buying new pieces.

Our pre-owned watch collection caters for both men and women, offering many timepieces from top Swiss brands, including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Omega and Breitling.

Pendants & Charms


Pendants and Charms

Our pendants and charms offer a wide range of options to suit everyone from personal preferences to looking for that special and personal gift for a loved one.  We stock a vast array of pendants and charms from religious symbols, letter pendants, lockets or unique designs. 




At Cash Inn Ltd we will also buy in bangles. We generally stock a few at a time in each shop, however we're always on the look out for them, especially larger or heavier ones. We will stock bangles whether they be in gold or silver as we typically do very well with them due to the high demand. 

Earrings & Piercings


Earrings & Piercings

Our ever changing selection of Earrings, including classic Hoops, Stud, Diamond earrings and much more offer an option for everyone. All of our earrings are thoroughly sterilised, cleaned and polished, making them an excellent present for a loved one or even that little gift to spoil yourself. We have a large selection of Gold & Silver earrings for sale, there's a size and style to suit everyone




We also offer an additional service of buying and selling bullion. This includes Gold Bars (of varying weights), Sovereigns, Kruggerands, Britannia's and more. We authenticate each coin via weight and size before sale to ensure we remain a trustworthy seller. This is our fastest changing stock so its always worth asking about when in one of our stores.

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