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Chains & Bracelets



Cash Inn Ltd's vast selection of gold chains offers something for everyone and makes for a great gift for someone special. With a range of styles on offer, we have Curb Chains, Cable link chains, Singapore Twist Chains & necklaces and much more.

​All our chains are closely checked to ensure that they have recognised hallmarks, this means you can trust the items are real and legit. Before selling, our chains are sterilised, cleaned and polished to make sure that they shine in any light and look as best as possible.

We also have a selection of silver items, these will only have the UK registered hallmark (925 or Lion stamped), if not we do not buy or sell these items.



At Cash Inn Ltd, much like our chains, we have an extensive collection of bracelets for sale. The style of our bracelets vary from curb to rope, and charm to jewel and diamond encrusted bracelets. Our vast array of designs means that there is something for everyone's style and budget.

View our Chains and Bracelets either Online or In-Store.





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