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Pendants and Charms

Our pendants and charms offer a wide range of options to suit everyone from personal preferences to looking for that special and personal gift for a loved one.  We stock a vast array of pendants and charms from religious symbols, letter pendants, lockets or unique designs. 



At Cash Inn Ltd we will also buy in bangles. We generally stock a few at a time in each shop, however we're always on the look out for them, especially larger or heavier ones. We will stock bangles whether they be in gold or silver as we typically do very well with them due to the high demand. 



Our ever changing selection of Earrings, including classic Hoops, Stud, Diamond earrings and much more offer an option for everyone. All of our earrings are thoroughly sterilised, cleaned and polished, making them an excellent present for a loved one or even that little gift to spoil yourself. We have a large selection of Gold & Silver earrings for sale, there's a size and style to suit everyone



We also offer an additional service of buying and selling bullion. This includes Gold Bars (of varying weights), Sovereigns, Kruggerands, Britannia's and more. We authenticate each coin via weight and size before sale to ensure we remain a trustworthy seller. This is our fastest changing stock so its always worth asking about when in one of our stores.

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